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As I’ve journeyed down the path of photography, I want to say that it is more than just the camera equipment or the light softly fading at the point of horizon.  I’ve realized that life deserves a good looking at.  Life is the process of evolution and growing and learning.  When I decided to venture down the pathway of photography,  I did not even own a DSLR camera.  I had been doing a lot of soul searching and examining the lives of those who examined life.  And found a kindred in many of the great masters of photography.   I have many friends who are fantastic photographers and I stand in awe of their work and philosophy of this medium.  And I believe there should be a philosophy.  I believe that art will find you, a calling will find you.  When you least expect it.  When it seems that there is nothing more to hope for, out of ruins comes great possibility.   After many years of searching for significance, photography found me–a mess, empty, heartbroken and hopeless.

I am inspired by:

An always growing list of photographers:

William Eggleston

Andre Kertesz

Dorothea Lange

Stephen Shore

Josef Sudek

Robert Capra.


Frank Capra.  David Lean.  Sofia Coppola.  Cameron Crowe.  John Hughes.  John Ford.  Pedro Almodovar. Walt Disney.  Clint Eastwood. M Night Shayamalan.  Robert Zemeckis. James Cameron. Brad Knull.

As well as:

A perfectly timed snapshot.  Solitude.  Quiet.  A songbird on a warm summer’s morning.  Bono.  Anyone who can tell their story–and tell it well.  People with well balanced lives.  A great pair of jeans.  Blue.  Chene Tucker.  The Olympics. Talks about pursuing significance.  Hollywood Blvd.  The smell right before it rains. Thunder. Those who overcome fear or pain in order to live.  Those who live in spite of fear or pain.  Palm trees. The Poetry of Robert Frost.  Purple. Being washed by the waves of the ocean.  Orange.  Laughter–true laughter.  Rock shows. Eighties music. October. Seeing the finish line. My passport. Anyone who is doing EXACTLY what they were born to do.  God.

Top Ten Favorite Films of All Time:

Beyond Rangoon. The Killing Fields.  Lost In Translation.   Tootsie.  Grease. Vicky Christina Barcelona. The Matrix. Rocky. An Officer and A Gentleman. Titanic.

Favorite Movie Line ever?

Of course there are a billion, but the one that always comes to mind first:

“Nothing to forgive, Sydney. Nothing.” ~ Dith Pran, The Killing Fields.


Apollo Creed:  He’s hooking. He’s hooking. He’s hooking! Damn, Rock, Come on! What’s the matter with you?
Rocky Balboa: Tomorrow. Let’s do it tomorrow.
Apollo Creed:   [Screaming] There is no tomorrow! THERE IS NO TOMORROW! THERE IS NO TOMORROW! ~Rocky III

Thanks for taking the time to read about what inspires me.

Who and what inspires you?

Cindy Knull

“To live a visual life is an enormous undertaking, practically unattainable… But I have only touched it, just touched it.” ~Dorothea Lange.

©2009 Cindy Knull


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  • debbieJune 22, 2010 - 7:08 am

    I am adding you to my list of photographers I visit for inspiration. Anyone who quotes Dorothea… well…. There is a new biography on her as well, I just started it as my summer read.

  • CindyJune 22, 2010 - 9:07 am

    Gosh, Debbie. Thank you so much. Dorothea is one of my favorite female photojournalists of all time.